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Early Childhood Music & Movement Program - Having Fun With Kindermusik

You want the best for your child. That’s why you’re here and checking us out. Welcome!

Kindermusik offers music and movement classes for babies, toddlers, big kids, and families. Our classes nurture young children’s development—and not just their musical development. As every parent knows, children grow at an amazingly fast pace, and in many ways at once. They’re busy developing their language (and literacy) skills every minute of every day—at the same time as they’re figuring out how to skip, hop, and jump; control their emotions; count to twenty; and get along with their friends. Kindermusik understands this. So while our classes certainly help your child develop a lifelong love for music, they also do more than that: they help children develop language, social, emotional, and physical skills as well—all in the context of joyful, musically rich play!'s research-proven! A third party research study shows the positive effects of Kindermusik's curriculum. Children using the program showed 32% more literacy gain. Surveys say both teachers and parents would strongly recommend the program to others. Visit to learn more.

Come experience for yourself why more than 2 million families in over 70 countries love our music and movement classes for kids. We have thousands of Kindermusik locations around the world. Find one in your neighborhood, and try a class today.

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Teach Children Through Music and Movement

Kindermusik is the most respected and beloved name in music and movement programs for children. By becoming a Kindermusik licensed educator or business owner, you can join our growing community of educators teaching children in more than 70 countries. Teachers around the world love the flexibility of owning their own business, our easy-to-teach research-based lessons, the low start-up costs, and the professional development opportunities. The family of Kindermusik educators includes parents, music education teachers, music lovers, and entrepreneurs. Kindermusik educators share a common calling to connect a love for kids with a talent for music by teaching children through music and movement.  

Let us show you how to enjoy the flexibility of owning your own business all while fulfilling your dream of teaching children through music.

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Kindermusik offers school curricula for various U.S. and international school settings. Select the option that's most relevant to you to get the information you need easily!

Kindermusik is a leading publisher of early childhood education curricula. With highly successful programs in language and early literacy development, each research-based curriculum uses music and movement as a vehicle to better engage and teach young children.


Carefully sequenced instruction using music, storytelling, and activities strengthens neural pathway development for greater cognitive connection-making, coordination, and even memory. Kindermusik students have also shown significant gains in abstract reasoning, spatial and temporal reasoning, and self-control.


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Easy for Teachers. Great for Children. Engages Families. Fun for all!

Our early childhood curricula use music and movement as a FUN, engaging and natural way for children to learn. Kindermusik brings a meaningful music experience to children in the classroom learning environment, and to their home environment, too!

     ABC Music & Me - Early Childhood Curriculum from Kindermusik International

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